Saskatchewan Fishing

fishingFor a province that boasts 100,000 lakes, rivers and streams, three dozen provincial parks and a smorgasbord of fish species, Saskatchewan is the pinnacle of fishing locations. Whether you choose to angle your way across the productive lakes of the southern region, or the deep cold waters of the north, the fish of Saskatchewan are more than willing to entertain with fast runs and huge leaps.

Saskatchewan plays host to some of the best freshwater fishing in the world, due to the fact that there is so much water to experiment with. Overall, 13 percent of the province is made up of freshwater. This is in sharp contrast to the northern region, however, where as much as 40 percent of the area is liquid. A surplus of water means an abundance of fish willing to do battle with adventurous anglers! The province is divided into three distinct fishing zones, occupying the south, central and northern areas. Each area caters to different fishing possibilities and endless scenic opportunities.

saskatchewanSixty-eight species of fish call Saskatchewan home, with the tasty walleye and scrappy northern pike being the most widely distributed. Lake Diefenbaker is a popular place for anglers to travel to in search of these two species, especially if you like to tangle with trophy fish. This body of water is the largest in southern Saskatchewan and has been recently named the most popular fishing lake in the province. Just one hour north of the provincial capital of Regina is the world-famous Tobin Lake. Known for its huge walleye, (the current record is over 17lbs.!), this man-made lake has also coughed up northern pike in excess of 38lbs. Talk about tackle busting monsters! If trophies are what you're after, you'll have many lakes to test your skill. Some records that still stand to this day are the 42.8lb. northern pike caught out of Lake Athabasca in 1954 and the 51.7lb. Lake Trout that was netted in 1958 from Kingsmere Lake.

Saskatchewan has only one native trout throughout all of its lakes, and that is the Lake Trout. This powerful and majestic fish is common to the cool, clear and deep water of the northern half of the province. This is the same area where you can do battle with the "sailfish of the north" - the ever popular arctic grayling. Anglers wishing to sample some largemouth bass fishing should head to Boundary Reservoir in southeast Saskatchewan, the only location in the province that holds bucket mouths.

For those that have an interest in tournament fishing, Saskatchewan plays host to a never-ending list of functions throughout the year. The Lake Diefenbaker Walleye Classic attracts anglers from far and wide, as does the prestigious Saskatchewan Premier's Walleye Cup.

Whatever you taste in fishing, be it stream, lake or river, or your favourite specie to angle for, the wonderful province of Saskatchewan will be certain to astound and amaze. Take a cast in one of the thousands of lakes and be prepared to pull in a lifetime of memories.

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